Monx's Real Admin Application

MongMong Mod
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Steam ID:

Playtime: 4h20m xd

Ingame Name: Monx

Current rank: Mongerator

Desired rank: Admine

Server: urmum

Why I should be promoted:
Starting off from Steps to becoming... Admin

a) Love and be loved! Admins should bring life to the server, and should help improve the experience for everyone in the server.
Who doesn't love me? or atleast hasn't loved me in the past? amiright

b) Prove you can perceptively, powerfully and discreetly control and manage the server single-handedly.
I'm on the server on my own for half the time, i do just fine

c) Passion is key: if you've got this far, you need to be passionate about the server or you're no good. If the server's empty, you try and fill it up. If the server's plagued with RDM and no admins, you go in there and sterilise. Dedicate yourself!
I Sometimes sit there doing literally nothing, waiting for people to join and i make sure! they dont leave!
If theres rule breaking, i deal w/ it

Now we move on to, Random Facts

Loyalty: i'm rather loyal to bananashake, as soon as i heard about the reboot i was excited, and i'm still here ain't i?
Activness: with me starting to get bored of CSGO and all i play is unturned i have large timeslots which i can place GMOD into!

i found this in my drafts and thought i'd post it x D


  • TurtleTurtle Admin

    Application Denied

    Lately you don't seem to be active on the server, you have not been on since the server has closed.
    People who played on the server do like you and you were active.
    Unfortunately you haven't been active recently!
    If you want this rank, prove you are loyal and be active more, this way we will know that you deserve this rank and will improve ur chances of getting the rank!

    Thought I would come up with a random reply because potato.
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