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I have changed the registration so admins need to accept the user since bots are taking over the forums.

Also the forums should of gone down today, I checked the ipage because I was wondering why it has not gone down yet and apparently it has been payed for?
I'm not sure who payed for the forums before the server closed or if it was the same person who payed for the payment today, but I suggest whoever it was that you look into that just in case or something.


  • well well well look who we have on the forums still XD
    i heard someone did pay for it on purpose! (not me BTW)
    bananashake needs to come back cus the other jailbreak servers are shite
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    yeah, ikr.
    Still most active bananashake member :P

    Anyway, on the part about bringing back bananashake, it has already been back twice, both failed, if you are wanting to bring bananashake back, make a new server, with new stuff, don't make a copy of bananashake like the others.
    There was one that was going to be made, but as far as I know, its not going ahead anymore.

    Although if you are looking for a jailbreak server to go on, there is a server called Phoenix Networks, the rules are not the same as bananashake, it uses the default jailbreak rules and some other server rules, but its staff and community seem nice, plus some people who use to go on bananashake go on there.

    The rest of the active bananashake community seem to be scattered, not many seem to come on the forums anymore, the forums are just kinda here for no reason atm.
    I mean, i guess we could use the forums for email and stuff since the forums has that for people who have access to it.

    Anyway, I don't think the server is coming back anytime soon.


    So just a few little tips of anyone who wants to remake bananashake-
    Don't just make a clone, they are boring, add new things, do not keep it the same all the way through, players will stop coming on if things are the same all the time.
    Before you even think about making it, make sure people will actually want to come on, ask around and see if its what people want, this way you will have at least some idea if it will be successful or not and not just fail in the first month.
    If you do make it, be active, people wont go on if there are no players.
    Also, make sure you actually know what you are doing beforehand, make sure you know what a ftp client is and how to use it, how to use ulx and install addons, add custom maps and set up fastdl, I only say this part because since the community has changed a lot and most of it has gone away, there is a high chance you will need to do this by yourself.

    In my opinion if bananashake were to come back, lots of things would need to be changed, and it looks like it isn't coming back anytime soon, I think there would need to be a lot of support for a remake of bananashake as the last two remakes failed because people didn't come on since they were just clones.
    Another reason most of them failed is because a lot of the old bananashake community have gone onto different things, different games or different servers, this means that is bananashake was to be remade again, just like the others, the same community will not be there, some old players may come on and may even start being active, but the community that was there on the original bananashake most likely wont be there
  • TurtleTurtle Admin
    Anyway, in non wall of text stuff, how have you been?
  • aha well i don't know anything about that XD so its not me XD i wish them goodluck
    anyway i know the phoenixs server u on that aswell? but ive been good how bout u?
  • TurtleTurtle Admin
    I was on it for a bit, not really into gmod these days.

    I have been good also.
    What have you been up to? Anything fun?
  • nah exams and school
  • i am actually up for paying for this shit to come back, i miss these days ngl, just need a hand or 2 getting it going again
  • Anyone still visits the site ?
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